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We decided to take our wardrobe experts out into the city streets and scout out ready and willing candidates who welcomed some sartorial advice. Over the past month and next, we’ve tackled some common wardrobing missteps and corrected them... or at the very least, given some TipTop pointers that can help them dress for success.

Just his luck – and ours – we met Jimmy on his first week working in the big city. Having just arrived, a versatile suit was in order and in Jimmy’s case, it was his first suit. We brought him into our store and gave him some fool-proof tips on how to choose the perfect suit.



Whether it’s classic black, grey or navy, or something a bit more fashion forward like burgundy, the colour of your suit is important to keep in mind. Jimmy opted for a Charcoal Grey – a colour that can go with anything, which is a great pick for the office. A neutral colour like grey can be easily paired with any dress shirt and tie – no need to worry about clashing colours or patterns. We’ve paired his suit with with our best selling Daniel Hechter Paris 100% cotton easy care, non-iron dress shirt and a smart spotted tie and pocket square for a tonal take on pattern play.

2. FIT

Our suits come in Slim and Modern Fits. For Jimmy, we went with a Daniel Hechter Paris Modern Fit Suit. This suit offers a crisp, clean look that is classic but not boxy. You’ll know your suit is fitted correctly when your lapel sits flat to your chest and your shoulders are squared up with your jacket buttoned.

Click here to learn more about how to find your perfect fit using our Fit Guide.


Make sure your pant hem hovers above your shoe (or in Jimmy’s case, a smart sneaker). This allows you to avoid unwanted bunching and gives you an opportunity to show off some funky socks! Also, take note – your sleeve length should be short enough to show about 1/4 - 1/2 inch of your shirt cuff.


When it comes to lapels, there are two main options: peak or notch. Peak lapels are a great option for a formal situation or a fashion forward european look. A notch lapel is perfect for any situation, whether it’s day-to-day wear or a special event. Jimmy was looking for a suit for his new office job, so a notch lapel was the obvious choice.
Tip: When selecting a tie to wear with your suit, it should match the width of your lapel (example: a slim lapel should always be matched with a slim tie).


When shopping for your suit, there are extra benefits to take into consideration. This Daniel Hechter Paris Suit features comfortable stretch fabric made from a premium wool blend that maintains a clean, crease-free appearance, sweat shields to keep you dry and cool, and an adjustable waistband for added comfort. The pant is lined to the knee, which means it will last longer and keep you comfortable. It’s the perfect suit for the on-the-go commuter.