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We decided to take our wardrobe experts out into the city streets and scout out ready and willing candidates who welcomed some sartorial advice. Over the past 2 months, we’ve tackled some common wardrobing missteps and corrected them... or at the very least, given some TipTop pointers that can help them dress for success.

As an avid suit and tie wearer, Alex like to keep upping his game! With Alex being constantly on the move, we wanted to introduce him to some fabric innovations.

It’s All In The Details

Let’s start with the suit. We decided to go with a DKNY suit separate in a modern fit so he can get extra mileage when it comes to pairing it with other tailored pieces in his closet. This suit comes in a durable 100% wool fabric with natural stretch for maximum comfort in motion, which we love! With the help of our in-store tailors, we were able to get the perfect fit for Alex’s athletic build.

Next up, his shirt – a Bellissimo cotton rich, modern fit, dress shirt with built in stretch was the way to go! What’s best about this dress shirt is that it springs back to shape with every move. Also new to Alex was a fun pattern play as we paired his neat print shirt with a contrast coloured spotted tie from Daniel Hechter Paris. This works fantastically because we kept the colour values at the same level.

To finish off his sartorial savvy-ness, we added a pop of colour with his pocket square and some fun patterned socks. It’s all in the details!