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When You Should Wear a Tuxedo Instead of a Suit | Tux vs. Suit

Tux vs suit | Tuxedo Rentals Tip Top TailorsTo tux or not to tux? That’s the famous question posed by William Suitspeare in his play, “Jacket.” At least we think. We might be misremembering.

At any rate, it’s a good question. Sometimes the answer is pretty simple: you don’t need to break out the tuxedo at your simple dinner party. You shouldn’t wear a business suit to prom. This is black and white stuff, people.

But the gray area is where you might need some help. At some events, the line between overdressed and underdressed is pretty thin and hard to navigate. So let’s run down some of them, figure out which suit game is best to play and how best to play it.

After 6 p.m.: Tuxedo

This is an easy rule to follow for tux beginners. Any earlier, and you’re most likely way over-dressed for whatever you’re attending.

Obviously don’t wear a tuxedo to a Super Bowl watching party at some friend’s house. The rules are flexible, people!

To the Opera or Ball: Tuxedo

If you associate the event you’re going to with wealth, European architecture or classical music and general fanciness then you probably need to dress up. The worst thing is becoming the focus of attention at a public event due to your casual business suit. You’ll distract the opera singers. Think of the opera singers!

To a Wedding: Depends!

Hopefully that invitation you received listed the required attire. Black tie? Tux up. Formal? Make the tuxedo your credo. Semi-formal? You might be able to get away with a suit, but make sure to ask the bride or groom for clarification. There’s some wriggle room here; every wedding is different, so know which suit is expected of you ahead of time.

Oh, and “tuxedo is optional” is wedding code for “wear a tuxedo.” You’re welcome.

Business meeting: Suit

Always go with the suit here. Sure, you might want to impress your boss or coworkers with your excellent fashion taste. A tux is not the way to go, unless your boss is Michael Scott from The Office. (For the record, we think Mr. Peanut is very classy.)

You can use accessories to fill in the classy gaps that a tux would’ve. Pocket squares and cuff links are your friends.

To a Job Interview: Suit

It really doesn’t matter whether you think the company you’re applying for has a casual vibe about it or you know they like to dress casually in the office. You’re working with first impressions in a job interview, and a nice suit gives off the right kind.

There is a classy line, though, and that’s wearing a tux to a job interview. You’ll leave an impression, but it might not be the good kind.

Where to get your next Tux and Suit

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