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A Well Dressed Man: From a Woman’s Perspective

Well dressed man
Disclaimer: I am not a man. Instead, I’m a woman whose had a sense of style since I was old enough to pick out my own clothes.
While women’s fashion might be more of my expertise, I’ve been lucky enough to have been surrounded by stylish men my whole life. Thanks to those influences and my own opinions, I’ve come up with a suggested men’s style guide from a woman’s perspective.


men's tailored suitA nice tailored suit is an essential for any man to have. Men in crisp, fitted suits automatically stand out and appear more attractive.
They can also make you seem more mature, clean, and put together. Ask any woman and she’ll agree. We all appreciate a good looking man in a suit.











Dress Shirts

men's dress shirtsWhat’s worn under the suit matters, too. Men that wear dress shirts that are wrinkled, baggy, or just don’t fit properly can be a turn off. A slim fitted dress shirt in a fun print is eye catching and shows that you know how to have a little fun.
My personal favourite is the |G| Grafton Slim Fit Non Iron Performance Print Dress Shirt. The subtle print and light pink colour can really make any look pop.







Short-Sleeve Sport Shirts

Short-Sleeve Sport ShirtsThere’s something about a man in a short-sleeve sport shirt that is so attractive. When paired with chinos or dark wash jeans, you have the perfect look that can transition from the office to date night without a hitch. You can never go wrong with this type of shirt.













men's polosPolos are a timeless piece that are always in style if you wear them right. Did I mention they go with almost anything? From jeans, Chinos, and everything in between.
The textured pattern on the |G| Grafton Easy Care Durable Jaquard Polo is a great alternative to a t-shirt when you want to look a little nicer.












men's casual pantsThere’s something about a good pair of Chinos or casual pants on a man that I can’t get enough of. The slim fit of the pants with a sport shirt or polo is a winner in my book. It’s a step up from jeans, which automatically makes you appear more professional.

Pro Tip: Roll up the bottom of the pants a couple of times for a cropped look that looks great with high leather boots or sneakers.








men's shortsIf a man knows how to pull off a pair of shorts correctly, he has my full attention. Too many times, I’ve seen men wear shorts that are baggy or don’t go with the top they’re wearing. If you go for a pair of bright coloured shorts, opt for a shirt that doesn’t outshine them. Neutral coloured shorts are never a bad idea, either.

Additionally, it’s best to stick to classic, plain front shorts and retire your cargos. You don’t need all of those pockets. What are you putting in all of them, anyway?












men's socksYes, we even care about what your socks look like. If we see a stained pair of old gym socks peep out from the bottom of your dress pants, it can be a big turn off. Keep your sock game strong with pops of colour and fun prints. It shows off a little bit of personality and can even be a conversation starter.

This does not apply to socks and sandals. I promise that’s never a good idea.