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The Tip Top Tailored Suit and Why You Need It

Men's Tailored Suits
Legendary fashion designer, Tom Ford once said, "Dressing well is a form of good manners" and we agree. If you’re going for a look that blends effortless cool and suaveness, look no further than one of the tailored suits from our selection here at Tip Top Tailors. From our catalog, you’ll have a wide variety of quality fabrics that are both durable and aesthetically pleasing. Also, who doesn’t respect attention to detail? Tailored suits typify that characteristic more than any other garment in a wardrobe could. When you look at details such as the stitching and the suit’s fit, you see the care and precision with which the item was crafted. Below, we have a couple more reasons why you should trust our tailor-made suits to have you looking tip top. Let’s get to it!

The Fit Matches the Physique

A good number of us know our suit measurements – a lot of us don’t. The former usually take that information and shop around for off-the-rack suits. Surely, if the numbers are right, the suit will fit as it should. Correct? Sadly, that’s not always the case. Every one’s body has its own idiosyncrasies. I, for instance, have broad shoulders, long arms and a narrow waist. Thus, some suit jackets that come in “my size” can hang off my frame like some curtains. Your suit jacket should not drape over you like a nightgown. Don’t let this be you, guys.
You deserve a fit that accentuates the best parts of your build and makes you look well put together. Tailored suits are produced with your exact measurements in mind and they’re even reinforced with an inner canvas. This canvas prevents any unwanted bagginess. This is especially for smaller nooks and crevasses where stitching meets or where the suit creases consistently. There’s a reason why men in tailored suits always seem to look more handsome – make that investment today and thank us later.

Slimmer Suits Encourage You to Keep Your Physique Trim

If there is one thing you should love – and hate – about tailored suits, it’s that you instantly notice when you’re gaining weight. A tailored suit is supposed to be fit your body like a glove. That snug fit means you’ll be forced to work out regularly if you want to keep wearing said suit. Instead of seeing this as an inconvenience, look at it as an incentive to make a long-term commitment to a healthier lifestyle. An ill-fitting suit off a store rack won’t be able to tell you the same things – that is until it’s way too late.

Tailored Suits are Timeless

Tailored suits can never lose their appeal simply because few fashion items can top the luster of being a one-of-one. Moreover, slimmer suits are evergreen in fashion. There’ll never be a season where such a classic look isn’t in vogue.

They Allow Greater Room for Personal Expression

Off-the-rack suits limit the expression of your personal style significantly. When you go suit shopping, you will be limited to colors and types of fabrics available at the store. Your sense of imagination and opportunity to express it are completely suppressed. On the other hand, tailored suits are completely different. Whether it’s the buttons, the fabric or smaller accents like embroidery, you’re the one calling the shots. Your personality will undoubtedly shine through as you don a garment that embodies your personal style in a way few other things ever will.
With this information, we hope that we’ve left you without a shadow of a doubt as to why tailored suits trump their off-the-rack counterparts. Now, make a fashion statement today and enjoy one of our high-quality suits from Tip Top Tailors today.