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Should I Rent a Tuxedo for Prom? | Rent a Tux

Should I rent a tuxedo for prom? | Rent a Tux | Tip Top Tailors

Hello, concerned parent trying to figure out how much money you’re about to spend on this high school event. Or are you a high schooler going to prom? We shouldn’t differentiate; the question of whether to rent a tux is a really important one this time of year.

And depending on who you talk to, you might have some preconceived notions or biases about renting. So let’s dispel a few as we sift through the pros and cons of renting a prom tuxedo.

Rent a Tuxedo because: It’s usually cheaper.

Buying a tuxedo (vest and all) can run you about $300 or more depending on where you find one you like. But renting a tuxedo can cost around $180 instead. In both cases, you’ll be trying the tuxedos on, getting measurements done and all the rest of that fun stuff. If it just comes down to cost, then renting can take a load off your wallet.

Rent a Tuxedo because: That myth about them not fitting right isn’t true anymore

The idea that rental tuxes are too boxy (one-size-fits-all) is archaic. At one point it was true that tuxedo rental companies cut some corners by aiming for one cut. But nowadays you should find yourself with a few options (classic, slim, modern, etc.) when you go looking for a tux to rent for prom.

Rent a Tuxedo because: Who knows when those events will actually come up?

Your tastes could completely change between your high school prom and the next time you’ll need to wear a tuxedo. Rent now, get the most out of it once and revisit the issue down the road. Plus…

Rent a Tuxedo because: It will feel like new

Rental tuxedos aren’t from some Oliver Twistian, ragamuffin land of worn fabrics and frayed seams. No rental clothing company would make their rental clothes with fragile material, else they would go out of business within months. It makes no sense.

You’ll find as you rent-shop that most rental tuxedos are made of good wool with solid thread counts and a durability a lot of for-purchase tuxedos just won’t have.

Rent a Tuxedo because: This prom has a color theme and there’s a tuxedo for rent that matches RIGHT HERE.

And if you show up to your friend’s future wedding wearing a pink tuxedo she will never forgive you. Plus, think of how impossible it will be to hunt down:

(Whose idea was it to let Roy G. Biv decide the prom theme, anyway?)

  • A red vest
  • An orange pocket square
  • A yellow tie
  • Green shoes
  • Blue socks
  • And violet pants

Between all of the matching and the slim chance you’ll ever wear it again, rental tuxedos can save you so much time if you have a themed prom. Tip Top Tailors offers tuxedo rentals for Prom! We'll help you Save money and Style up for Prom!