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Seersucker's Importance to Summer Fashion

Men's Seersucker Suit

Are you looking for a lightweight fabric to complete your summer ensembles? Try seersucker! The first female U.S. Marines used it to make its summer service uniforms. Throughout history, the material has amassed a lot of fans; including former U.S. President George Bush, Miles Davis, and former Senator Trent Lott. The latter's love for the puckered fabric saw him begin "Seersucker Thursday" in 1996. The tradition in the U.S. Congress lasted 16 years.

How seersucker became fashionable

For a long time, seersucker suits were synonymous with the working class. However, the late 1930s saw famous Hollywood actors and Ivy Leaguers alike don the fabric with increased regularity. Then, the material's public perception began to shift. Soon, its popularity in tropical climates boomed. It even became common to catch your favorite artist of that era sporting a seersucker garment on the beach. Below are some of the top reasons you ought to dress in seersucker:

It sets you apart from the crowd

Fashion is a form of self-expression, so the last thing you want is to look like everyone else. A well-crafted seersucker piece is bound to draw the right kind of attention. After all, seersucker is a material of years passed. Its rustic look sets its wearer apart. It enables you to look unique at weddings, garden parties and other events during summer.

It gives you a stylish look

If classy and cool is what you are looking for, seersucker pieces provide that. Moreover, you get to stay dry and comfortable. All you need to do is select clothes that complement each other. You can wear them to church functions, picnics and trips.

Wearing seersucker suits and sports coats

Nothing beats a seersucker suit during summer. If you are beginning to wear the outfits, you can do it with white, tan or blue-colored ones. You can try shirts and ties of different colors to find those that suit you best. Ensure that they are the right fit and match with your skin tone. For more elegant looks, go for tailored fit seersuckers.

You don't have to wear seersucker as a suit, though. It still looks great when combined with other materials. For instance, you can wear blue denim jeans and a white seersucker sport coat. Always remember that the coat is the main piece and everything else is complementing it.

As you prepare for warm weathers, buy several suits from Tip Top's selection. They will not only enable you to stand out but also add elegance to your general look. Tip Top tailors are keen on details to make sure they meet your requirements. Besides, you can get quality pieces to wear throughout the summer. Remember to choose colors that you love and ensure that you select your right fit.