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Pink in Menswear

Men's Pink Suit
You have probably recently seen a lot more men wear the color pink. And, this trend seems to be sticking around. While it may seem shocking for some, men wearing pink is perfectly suitable. Contrary to popular belief, pink has always been a rather masculine color. The first pink dress shirt was made in the 1900s by the Brooks Brothers.

The History of Pink is for Girls & Blue is for Boys

In the 19th century and early 20th century, mothers would dress boys in pink if they wanted them to appear masculine. Blue, on the other hand, was regarded as a feminine color. In fact, legend says the Virgin Mary wore blue.
However, in the later 20th century, companies realized they could profit off gender-specific clothing. A new era began where blue was for boys and pink was for girls. By playing off the colors used for infant children's clothes, the distinction was born. Very quickly, adults also conformed to these "gender color rules".

Why Men Should Wear Pink

Other than refusing to follow illogical rules, there are countless reasons for men to wear the color pink. Pink has and always will be an eye-catching color. It can be highly complementary and versatile if worn correctly. Additionally, when a man wears pink, it shows a rare confidence in his masculinity.

Find the Pink that Complements You

Pink is a great choice to wear to any occasion. You can wear pink to the office, to a wedding, on a date or to your next football game. However, just like with every color, you should choose a shade that is complementary to your skin tone. Typically, hot pink works with people with darker skin complexions. Light pinks work well with lighter skin tones. However, this is all down to your personal taste and different people pull off things that defy conventional wisdom.

How to Dress Up in Pink

Finding the Right Shade

Pink adds a great pop of color with formal wear. Fairer shades of pink are extremely versatile and can work with different-colored pieces in an ensemble. For instance, light pink complements dark hues of blue but also go well with khaki. Bright pigmented pinks are best with black suits, grey and dark blue suits.

Dressing for the Season

When choosing your pink shirt, it's important to consider the season. The warmer seasons are perfect for brighter shades of pink, while darker shades can be worn all year round. Choose a pink blazer or pink pants for the summer and consider lighter touches of pink in your outfit (pink dress shirt, pink socks, pink handkerchief, pink tie) for the winter.

Introducing Pink into Your Wardrobe

For a sleek date night look, pair a pink dress shirt with black jeans or black trousers. Alternatively, pink accessories for your outfit can work to lighten the look of a dark suit.
If you're trying out pink for the first time, you can start with the lighter pink dress shirts. Eventually, you may work yourself up to wearing a killer pink blazer or a full pink suit.

Canadian Menswear: Tip Top

Don't delay your adventure into pink any longer. Check out Tip Top’s wide variety of pink formal attire options. Start with a few basics such as ties, socks and dress shirts to add a pop of color to your wardrobe. You'll have the look you need in no time.