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Men's Formal Wear Tips

Men's Formalwear Tips
Somebody once said, "Suit up because your personality is not the first thing that people see!"
You have to pay attention to every single detail of your suits because it is one of the things that guarantees you instant attention wherever you go. Whether it's ensuring your last button is always open to unfastening all the buttons when seated, many rules will make you appear classy and authoritative among your friends. Here are some of these rules: 

1. Always leave the bottom button of your suit jacket open

Do you want to have a charming and appealing look? Then always leave the last button open whenever you are wearing the suit jacket. You do not need to bother it! Because with the button closed, your appearance will no longer be enticing.

2. Unfasten the buttons when sitting down

Unless you want to spoil your suit or look like a stuffed potato, both of which are embarrassing; always unfasten the buttons when sitting down.

3. Your shirt collar should be snug around your neck without feeling constricted

If your collar is too small, then you will feel constricted around your neck. The perfect size collar lets your fingers fit between the neck and collar while a large one will always leave a noticeable gap. Look into this feature, the next time you are shopping for a shirt.

4. Lighter pocket squares on darker suits

A perfectly matched pocket square will make you stand out in any event! Men who wear pocket squares just look more presentable. However, out of the few who wear it, an even smaller number know how to dress the pocket square effectively. Pocket squares instantly reveal a keen attention to detail. Ensure that you wear a lighter pocket square on darker suits and darker pocket squares on lighter suits.

5. Shoes should match your belt and complement your suit's color

You already know this general rule. Ensure that you implement it every time you are wearing a suit because it makes you look sophisticated and informed when it comes to dressing. For example, a pair of brown full-brogue shoes would match a brown leather belt with a charcoal grey suit. Check out our suit and belt collections at out site today.

6. Tip of the tie should be at/just before the buckle of your belt

Oscar Wilde once said; "A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life." You need to consider a lot of things when dressing tie: from its size and color to the size of the tie clip. The general rule is that the tip of the tie should be at the level of your belt's buckle. The tie clip should never be longer than the width of your tie! Get yourself a Tip Top tie and practice tying that perfect knot.

7. Aim for comfort-do not wear an overly slim suit that restricts you

The slim fit suit obsession is slowly fading away because nobody wants a suit that he can't move in or even do up.

8. When going for a colored suit, aim for earthier tones that complement skin

One of the reasons why you need an earth tone suit is because they are gutsy and brassy. Instead of settling for a black men's suit, try a brown one.
There are many more rules when it comes to dressing elegantly in a formal suit. One thing for sure is that suit jacket accessories such as pocket squares, and lapel pins will always make you stand out. Remember that a well-tailored suit is to women what tasteful, enticing lingerie is to men!
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